The Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater (the Friends) employ five part-time staff.

The Friends are managed by a volunteer committee.


  • Her Excellency The Hon Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria


Executive committee

  • Currently vacant (President)
  • Alan Clayton  (Vice President)
  • Marita Hanigan (Secretary/Membership Secretary)
  • Suzanne Cox (Treasurer)
General members
  • Bruce Quin
  • Robin Young
  • Jeff Dickinson
  • Sue Bendel
  • Richard Case
  • Neil Wentworth
  • Shan Jasotharan
  • Stephen Garth
DSE representative
  • Bruce Quin (Senior Scientist - Ornithology)
  • Michelle Faram (Nursery Manager)
  • Shirley Henderson (Assistant Nursery Manager)
  • Cecilia Imre (FoHH Coordinator)
  • Sue Tardif (Coordinator of Volunteers (supp feeding))
  • Gaye Gadsden (Yellingbo to Butterfields Project Officer)
Newsletter editor
  • Sandra Turnley

  • Debbie Mitchell 


The Friends would like to acknowledge the contribution, commitment and generosity of the people who have created and maintained our web presence over many years. Gaye Gadsden, our first Coordinator, first established our web presence through Vicnet. This was a cost-free start to getting online. Thank you Gaye. Bradley Jarvis then volunteered to research, construct and update an independently managed website presence from 2005-January 2011. Thank you Brad. In 2010 the Friends developed and launched this current website. We thank Sue and Bruce Tardif for the work they did to research, establish and maintain the site from Sept 2010-Aug 2012; Aug 2013-present. 

  • Our Policies 
  • Our Rules and Statement (Sept 2014)

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