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Not everyone can donate time. When you make a financial contribution 100% of your donation will go toward supporting on-ground projects that directly benefit conservation.

Choose your project! The committee nominates a special project to direct general donations to each year (see below) however some people prefer to purchase plants for our habitat planting activities. As a guide, one indigenous plant costs $1.60.

In-kind donations are gratefully received.

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Account name: Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater Inc Running account
Bank: Bendigo Bank, Woori Yallock.
BSB: 633108
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Reference field: Please write 'Donation – project' OR 'Donation – plants' AND your full name (not initials) so we can identify the payee and acknowledge your donation in our upcoming newsletter HeHo Herald and on this website.

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Projects that have only been possible through member & community donations helmeted honeyeater predation - image Brite Star

  • 2015-16. Member’s donations this year will go towards new shade covers for the poly houses which will need replacing after the 2014-15 summer. Growing upwards of 80,000 plants a year, and expanding, the covers for the poly houses ensure that the seeds and seedlings don't overheat in the summer sun and help us conserve precious water. 
  • 2014-15. Your donations this year will go towards improving the facilities for the supplementary feeding. This is currently centralised at the house laundry which is in dire need of a rework. With two new release sites established late 2013, a significant increase in feeding volunteers working and the bumper breeding season the need to update this space has never been more urgent. Along with a new larger fridge, renovating the storage space and creating new benches, we intend to create an area for the storing of specialised field equipment. Your expertise or in-kind donation would be greatly valued.
  • 2013-14. Donations this year will go toward video surveillance cameras. Already, and thanks to your generosity, 2 cameras have been purchased and are helping determine what management strategies are needed to protect nestlings from predators. 
    The cameras will assist our monitoring capacity significantly. Many, many thanks!
  • 2012-13. Donations went toward nursery benches. With 80,000 tubestock required annually in order to meet our orders and community sales, our volunteers need an efficient and safe workplace. We aimed to purchase up to 20 benches ($270 each) to raise all plants off the ground to limit the amount of bending and lifting required as well as assisting us to maintain healthy plant stock. Thank you! The benches are all in place and our plants and volunteers are benefiting enormously.
  • 2010-12. Member donations are going toward improving the depot – the Friends base for its revegetation, community education and Members Day activities. The depot is an old farm shed located on Woori Yallock Creek where over 2,000 people come each year to participate in our programs. The shed is a blank canvas – concrete floors, no heating, no permanent furniture or storage. We need to provide a better equipped venue and install additional toilets to provide a comfortable space for visitors to learn about & contribute to the conservation of Victoria's unique threatened species.
  • 2009-10. A much needed upgrade to our community nursery and for a water saving improvement program was possible because of donations. Works undertaken will ensure continuity of water supply over summer. The Friends nursery produces in excess of 80,000 plants p/a for habitat plantings. We've improved the efficiency of our watering system, we've installed a security fence & are currently installing a new tank to increase our capacity to capture and store water. Thank you!
  • 2008-09. Donations purchased a video monitoring surveillance camera for in-field nest predator surveillance. Nest predation is the primary reason for nest failure and loss of Helmeted Honeyeaters. They breed well. We need to help them get through their first weeks of life whereupon their long-term survival rate increases dramatically. A nest camera is now helping us to determine what management strategies are needed to protect the nestlings from predators. Thank you!
  • 2007-08. Donations enabled the Friends to work with David Williams the artist of our children's book 'Hilton Hunts for a Home' and a member, Natalie Stewart, a retired art teacher to work with Yellingbo Primary School and create artwork for our promotional trailer. Thank you!

Habitat plantings are the keystone to our activities. Donations for plants are greatly appreciated and are acknowledged in the Donors lists below.

Bequests and Donations in Memoriam The Friends trailer - image M Craddock

In fond memory of:

  • Ken Simpson
  • Margaret Chorlton
  • B. Hollins
  • Mrs. Gropp
  • T. Daeche (Waltraut)
  • Maurie Dear
  • M. E. Taylor
  • R. Foote
  • W. Malcomson
  • C. John
  • Doris Bevan
  • Steve Craig


With sincere thanks to:

  • 2015-16
  • 2014-15
    M. Chorlton Estate, Australian Native Plant Enthusiasts, Pisces Enterprises (mealworms), K. McLean, V. Price, M. Caruana, P. & K. Best, G. Rayner, J. Fleming, J. Galliot, C. Barraclough, M. Williams, R. & K. Anker, Mt. Lilydale College, D. Neylan, C. Duncan, V. Williams, L. Thomson, M. Ross OAM, W. Anderson, K. & S. Ruhsam, M. Faram & R. Young, M. Cantwell, B. & S. Tardif, P. Caley, C. Woodford, M. & N. Stewart, S. Everett, M. Shackleford, I. Pearey, D. Coates, R. Case, The Case Family, M. Case, B. & G. Faram, F. Dean, R. Radford, L. & A. Thomas, P. Bellis, D. & N. Gross, M. Craig, N. Buck, J. Airey, K. Wormald, J. Antrobus, B. Roy, Sister J. Purcell, N. & R. Shankly, B. Hubschmann, J. & D. Edwards, S. & W. Schouten, D. & S. Bendel, D. Scott & A. Clayton, G. Merritt, A. & L. Fullagar, J. Plose, A. Raulings, Cheltenham Secondary College, Brunswick South West Primary School, Buxton Primary School, J. Epstein, Z. Wilson, Graphic Engraving (signs), Yarra Ranges Council Mayoral Ward Fund (nursery), Emerald Primary School (grades 3 & 4), G. Rayne, A. Hayward, T. Roberts and J.-L. Campbell (students Macclesfield Primary), S. McVeigh, A. Sigley
  • 2013-14
    Sunbury West Primary School, S. Bendel, K. & R. Martin, B. Roy, R. Young, S. Ruhsam, C. Barraclough, M. Cantwell, D. Neyland, I.C. Thomson, V. Williams, P. Child, R. Purnell, N. Marriott, B. Hubschmann, M. Case, The Case Family, R. Case, A. Clayton, M. Williams, R. Radford, D. & S. Everitt, I. Pearey, D. & N. Gross, R. & J. Harper, M. Ross OAM, D. & S. Williams, G. & B. Faram, C. Woodford, Pisces Enterprises (mealworms), A. Carew (mulch)
  • 2012-13
    D. Dower, M. Faram & R. Young, R. Anderson, R. Walkley, M. Serong, S. Everitt, The Case Family, R. Case, S. & W. Schouten, B. Roy, R. & K. Anker, B. Carroll & D. Howell, N. Marriott, M. Williams, M. Case, A. & K. Fraser, D. Neylar, K. Kean, Sr. J. Purcell, H. Scrivener-Barnes, M. Cantwell, M. Erwin, K. & M. Cameron, B. & G. Faram, J. & B. Woolley, M. Caruana, G. & A. Smith, D. & N. Gross, S. Bendel, D. Coates, C. Woodford, M. Shackleford, P. Child, J. Galliott, C. & S. Rogan, V. Williams, M. Heeley, D. & S. Williams, D. Barraclough, M. Ross OAM, G. Anderson, I. Livingston & J. Turnham, J. Fleming, P. & K. Best, A. J. Blaskett, S. Bailey, I. & E. Haskins, R. Purnell, M. Beutelschiess, P. Johnston, V. Tuenker, R. Young, A. & D. Carew, L. & G. Trensky, B. Hubschmann
  • 2011-12
    M. Erwin, I. Allen, P. Johnston, P. Knight, C. & S. Rogan, K. Kean, R. Connor & R. Wolfson, J. Airey,  H. & J. Plowright, N. Buck, S. & W. Schouten, P. & T. Herlihy, J. & D. Edwards, L. Ellin, P. Menkhorst, D. Atkinson, E. Shaw, I. Pearey, A. Carew, M. Williams, S. Everitt, J. Sholl, F. Flood, C. Barraclough, P. & K. Best, C. Duncan, R. Purnell, D. Williams, V. Williams, M. & N. Stewart, P. Ure, N. Marriott, M. Ross OAM, M. Dear, S. Bailey, M. Heeley, G. Anderson, J. Fleming, J. & B. Woolley, P. & P. Gambrell, The Case Family, M, Case, M. Rowland, R. Case, R. Radford, I. Livingstone & J. Turton, C. Woodford, K. & M. Cameron, A. Blaskett, N. Buck, D. Coates, Sassafras Primary School, M. Serong, M. Caruana, B. & G. Faram, B. Carroll & D. Howell, M. Erwin, K. & S. Ruhsam, D. Neylan, A. & C. Scoble, J. Galliott, S. Kogtevs, M. Shackleford & E. Ivan, R. & D. Meagher, H. Scrivener-Barnes, A. & M. Beutelschiess, M. Faram & R. Young, B. & G. Faram, R. Mauger & C. Taylor, B. Hubschmann, E. Smallwood, D. & N. Gross, E. & K. Matheson, M. J. Cantwell, V. Cheffings, G. Molyneux & L. Harris, L. Thomson, H. Wurth, L. Kerr, J. Epstein, R. & F. Benson, Belgrave South Primary School, D. Dower, K. & R. Anker, K. & R. Martin, V. Bunker, B. Aitken, P. Bellis, G. & L. Smith, K. Murphy, A. Robinson, F. Cross & S. Duke, J. & F. Parrish, G. M. R. & B. Dear, D. & P. Foster, S. & S. Lawlor, A. Bonnett, G. Barnard, W. Bradley, B. Vaiopoulos, J. Ryan, S. & B. Tardif, Friends & family of M. Dear, Knox Environment Society, J. Tardif. T., J. & S. Beaumont, D. Ross, I. & E. Haskins, P. Dunstan, D. Moolenschot, P. & T. Miskin, N. Bradsworth, K. Nicholas, N. & R. Shankly, L. & A. Thomas, M. Rook & A. Reina, M. Beutelschiess, D. Venn, K. & M. Haines
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