Drop in and visit the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater community nursery where a wide range of local indigenous plants may be purchased at very affordable prices.

The Friends nursery has up to 150 species of trees, shrubs, grasses, herbs, lilies, sedges, groundcovers, climbers and aquatic/semi-aquatic plants available for sale throughout the year.

We grow plants which are specific to the Woori Yallock Creek sub-catchment around Yellingbo, Macclesfield, Seville, Emerald and surrounds. Since its inception in 1991, the Friends nursery has supplied over 700,000 plants for local revegetation activities. Volunteers are the life-blood of the nursery. New volunteers are always welcome. No experience necessary.


Although we hold many plants in stock, some plant species can take 12 months to reach planting size. Most will take a minimum of 6 months. Prior orders are encouraged to avoid missing out on the species you'd like for your planting project. Download our order form. NB. All orders must be collected from the nursery.

Nursery opening times

  • 9:30am - 3:00pm Tuesday and Thursday
  • 9:00am - 12:00pm 1st Saturday of the month (April-December)
  •   We are not open on public holidays or Total Fire Ban days. Please check with us on other days of high fire danger.

    Nursery Location

    The nursery is located at 1217 Macclesfield Road, Yellingbo (Melway reference 305 G11).

    You can call us on 0438 038 702.

    Prices (subject to annual review)

    1 Jan – 31 Dec
    • $1.70 tubestock
    • From $6 for 140mm pots (selected plants only)

    Species list

    Some species sell out quickly. We cannot guarantee that all species will always be in stock. Please check for availability of individual species before ordering or simply ask us to substitute with similar plants if the requested species are unavailable. The links below take you to further information about each species eg. description, flowering times, planting conditions, habitat & photos. If in doubt, just drop in to the nursery for some friendly advice. A simple plan of your planting site will help us with your selections. 

    Below are some examples of the species we provide. You will find all of the species we grow listed on our order form.

    Upper storey species. Trees 5m +

    • Acacia melanoxylon - Blackwood 
    • Eucalyptus baxteri - Brown Stringybark 
    • Eucalyptus camphora - Mountain Swamp Gum
    • Eucalyptus cephalocarpa - Silver-leaf or Mealy Stringybark
    • Eucalyptus cypellocarpa - Mountain Grey Gum
    • Eucalyptus dives - Broad-leaf Peppermint
    • Eucalyptus fulgens - Green Scentbark
    • Eucalyptus macrorhyncha - Red Stringybark
    • Eucalyptus obliqua - Messmate
    • Eucalyptus ovata - Swamp Gum
    • Eucalyptus radiata - Narrow-leaf Peppermint
    • Eucalyptus rubida - Candlebark
    • Eucalyptus viminalis - Manna or Ribbon Gum
    Upper middle storey species. Trees 3-25m tall
    • Acacia dealbata - Silver Wattle
    • Acacia mearnsii - Black Wattle
    • Allocasuarina littoralis - Black Sheoak
    • Hedycarya angustifolia - Austral or Native Mulberry
    • Leptospermum grandifolium - Mountain Tea-tree
    • Lomatia fraseri - Tree or Forest Lomatia
    • Lomatia myricoides - River or Long-leaf Lomatia
    • Melaleuca ericifolia - Swamp Paperbark 
    • Olearia argophylla - Musk Daisy-bush
    • Pomaderris aspera - Hazel Pomaderris
    • Prostanthera lasianthos - Victorian Christmas Bush
    • Rapanea howittiana - Muttonwood 
     We also provide:
    • Lower middle storey species. Shrubs 1.5-10m
    • Under storey species. Small shrubs under 2m tall
    • Grasses, herbs, lilies and sedges

    You can find the full list on our order form.


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