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There are a number of ways that an individual can take action. Not everyone can make a financial contribution, but everyone can contribute in some way.

If you believe in the saying 'Think globally. Act locally' and are passionate about making a difference, then convert your precious time into endangered species conservation work and improve your local environment by becoming a volunteer with the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater. Get connected! Learn skills, gain experiences, share knowledge.

Whether you are looking to do your bit for the environment, want work experience in the industry or want to volunteer with a great group of friendly people we have a role for you. No experience is necessary for most roles. Details of our current opportunities are listed below.

The best way to get started is by dropping into the nursery and saying hello. Check out our opening times here.

If you are studying natural resources, horticulture, teaching or undertaking some other form of education or training, community based work experience will be held in very high regard by employers. You can be involved in a number of ways. Volunteering in nursery - image MCraddock

For further information about any of our volunteer opportunities please contact us.


  • every Tuesday & Thursday
  • 1st Saturday of the month (Apr-Dec)
Learn new skills in plant propagation and plant identification or share your knowledge. Come and enjoy the colour, movement and sound of the bush whilst enjoying the company of fellow Friends as you pot up plants and get involved in various aspects of nursery management. Check out our opening times here. All activities are undertaken under the supervision and direction of our Nursery Manager. Nursery volunteers

Volunteers usually attend weekly or fortnightly on a Tuesday or Thursday and/or monthly on a Saturday from 9.30am-1pm
and bring a picnic lunch to have in the bushland surrounds afterwards. Morning tea and training is provided. 

Contact us for further details.

Revegetation group

  • monthly Sundays

Activities may include tree planting, seed collecting or works around the nursery or at differing locations around the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve and area. Meet at the Yellingbo Ranger's House, 1217 Macclesfield Road, Yellingbo (Melway Map 305 Ref. G11) at 10am. BYO lunch. Most equipment is supplied. Please dress for the weather. Sturdy boots are required, gumboots in wet weather. All activities are undertaken under the supervision and direction of our Revegetation group Coordinator.

Contact us for upcoming dates.

Blackwood seeding on WYCk_2009 - S Tardif
Seed & plant stock collection

  • weekdays & weekends - seasonal

All plants grown and sold by the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater community nursery are of local provenance. All propagation material is collected under permit to protect and preserve the integrity of our natural environment. All activities are undertaken under the supervision and direction of our Nursery Manager and Revegetation group coordinator..

Contact us for further details.

Monitoring Helmeted Honeyeater population - S Tardif Helmeted Honeyeater supplementary feeding & monitoring program

  • daily
  • Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve

Use your bird observation skills (or learn) in a hands-on supplementary feeding & monitoring program for newly released Helmeted Honeyeaters. Join a team of local people working to save this bird. Four (4) hours, morning commitment needed. Rosters operate 7 days p/week at Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. Full training provided. Access to a 4WD vehicle would be an advantage, but isn't required. Applicants will be interviewed by the Senior Scientist - Ornithology, Helmeted Honeyeater Recovery Program, Department of Environment and Primary Industry (DEPI).

Contact us for further details. 

Bird surveys

  • Survey for Helmeted Honeyeaters - image D Ingwersen2-4 p/year 
  • weekdays or weekends

Surveys are conducted under the supervision and direction of the Department of Sustainability & Environment's (DSE) Field Ornithologist responsible for the Recovery program of the Helmeted Honeyeater. Use your bird observation skills to help identify the location of Helmeted Honeyeater's in the wild. Surveys usually require an early start and full day commitment. A moderate level of fitness is required.

Contact us for further details.

Community Education

  • various times and venues throughout the year Supplementary feeding volunteers in action
  • weekdays or weekends

Use your presentation skills to assist school students and/or adult groups learn about the Helmeted Honeyeater, its habitat and the threats to them. Share your love of the environment with others. Reasonable PC and IT skills required for using a prepared Powerpoint presentation. Working with Children's Check (volunteer) required. Events may include classroom & community group talks and/or informal community markets & fetes. Training is provided by our Education Coordinator.

Contact us for further details. 

School planting days Community planting days

  • usually May-October (depending on seasonal weather)

Join our school group visits to Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. A core part of our education program with schools is to plant future habitat for the Helmeted Honeyeater and the other species that co-exist with it. The day may also include a guided habitat walk, a tour or hands-on experience in our nursery or environmental games. Use your love of, and skills with, children to involve them in all aspects of the day. All activities are undertaken under the supervision and direction of our Education Coordinator. Working with Children's Check (volunteer) required. 

We have received some significant funding from Judith Eardley Save Wildlife Association and are gearing up for a busy 2014 planting season. Can you help? 

Contact us for further details. Sam and Sarah Swinburne TAFE with Lilydale HS Duke of Ed

Corporate planting days or nursery days

  • Planting days usually May-October (depending on seasonal weather) 
  • Nursery days throughout the year (Tuesdays &/or Thursdays)

Are you looking for a volunteer activity that focuses on the outdoors and held during the working week? Our community group needs and welcomes assistance. Help us to plant or grow future habitat for the Helmeted Honeyeater and the other species that co-exist with it within Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. Your corporate group can make a substantial difference in just one day whilst having a great day out. All equipment is supplied. All activities are undertaken under the supervision and direction of our Education Coordinator or Nursery Manager. SP Ausnet - Corporate planting day - S Tardif

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Successful groups don't function without the dedication of a committee. New members are always welcome. Our current committee comprises of

Contact us for further details.

Use your own special skills

  • variable Pump skills during reveg 2 - image S Tardif

One of our members provides fantastic photographic images for our presentations, merchandise and newsletter. Another member is a botanical artist and contributes her drawings for reproduction in our merchandise range. One member has particular skills in finance and committees. Another is really good at producing our newsletter. These examples represent only four of our members. Everyone has something unique to contribute to the group. Let us know how you can contribute.

Contact us for further details. 

Our wish list

  • media liaison (times to suit you)
    Do you have a flair for telling a story?
  • nursery order assistant (Tuesday or Thursday)
    Do you know your indigenous plants? Can you, for example, pick out a Eucalyptus viminalis or Carex appressa from our stock of 150 plant species? Botanical art - image S Tardif
  • development of promotional and educational materials (times to suit you)
    Do you enjoy working on and implementing projects that engage others?
  • exploring fundraising opportunities (times to suit you)
    Do you understand marketing and promotion? Can you help us unravel the secrets?

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us.

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